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Our founders have 20+ years of experience to capitalize on, with a strong focus on music for film & tv. You might wonder how to collect publishing rights for an animated series sold in 180 countries, how to release a soundtrack on Youtube, how to produce a high-end orchestral music with 70 musicians, how to get a song for your film. We’ve been there before, we have solutions.


You probably don’t like spending too much time filling forms and doing administrative tasks. Nor do we and that’s why we’ve automated most of it. This allows us to go faster and to be more accurate.
There’s also a lot of data available out there which we process in order to collect the most value out of your music assets.

International Network

We have offices in several countries and a network of chosen partners who help us track your music rights worldwide, digital & physical. So whether you have a program sold in the Netherlands or a soundtrack listened to in the US, we’ll make sure to collect your rights accordingly.


we aim at client satisfaction

« 440Hz checked on my publishing rights and found a substantial amount of uncollected monies »

David Sztanke a.k.a. Tahiti Boy
artist & composer

« When we sold Pat the Dog in 180 countries, we realized how essential it was to be accompanied by an experienced partner to collect our publishing rights worldwide »

Clément Calvet
CEO of Superprod

« We’re glad to have finally found the right partner to handle our 3,000 registrations per year to the PROs: 440Hz has developed unique technical tools which allow them to work faster than anybody else »

Victor Galey
CEO of Alba Musique

« 440Hz released our latest soundtrack worldwide in the blink of an eye »

Tom Dercourt
CEO of Cinema Defacto

« My publishing company is administered by 440Hz, they know the game »

Mathieu Lamboley
composer (Minuscule 2, Return of the hero)

« When it comes to administering my music rights, I totally rely on 440Hz »

Marc Tomasi
composer (Calimero, Galactik Football)


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Why 440Hz ?

440Hz is the standard tuning of the note A.
Having a standard pitch help musicians from all over the world play together.


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